Ancient woodland restoration: Kings Walden Estate

The client: Kings Walden Estate

The site: Kings Walden is a parish in Hertfordshire with a small settlement of the same name. The estate is privately owned and stands at approximately 3000 acres. The landscape is comprised predominately of arable fields enclosed by hedgerows with pockets of woodland and small villages.

The brief: To provide an assessment of the woodlands within the King’s Walden Estate which includes both Planted Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) and Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands (ASNW).

Our solution: We surveyed eight woodlands within the estate and produced an assessment report to help the landowner achieve their goals for the woodlands whilst being sensitive to the important surviving features.

The result: The assessment report provided an extra level of information to the previously produced Woodland Management Plan which will enable works within the PAWS and ASNW compartments to be carried out with a greater degree of sensitivity. This has included the identification of pre-plantation trees within PAWS compartments with the recommendation for halo-thinning, and setting plans in place for the eradication of laurel and other invasive species.

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