Peatland & peat bog restoration

Providing food and shelter for wildlife and helping with water quality and flood management. The importance of peat bogs, peatlands and fens have begun to be far more widely recognised.

As carbon stores, they are playing a part in helping slow climate change too. As the UK becomes the first major economy to pass net zero emissions law, committing to a legally binding target of net zero emissions by 2050, attention is focussing on peatlands.

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As market leaders of environmental contracting work and with an office in the heart of one of the UK’s largest areas of peatlands, Maydencroft is well positioned and equipped to restore peat bogs across peatland areas.

Our fleet of specialist low ground pressure (LGP) plant and machinery with considerate operators means that we can focus on the peat bogs that need restoring without damaging the surrounding habitats and biodiversity they support.

At hand to assist you with peatland restoration, we can help land managers in a number of areas, from peat bog contracting to peatland consultancy advice, we are here to help meet the Government’s environment plan on the ground.

Learning from some of the most experienced people in the UK, we have a number of specialist peat bog restoration techniques and tailor them to the site. We always ensure projects are delivered successfully, on time, and on budget. Peatland contracting services we can offer include:

Re-wetting peat bogs

Filling and blocking the man-made channels, burns or grips that were previously dug to drain peatlands. This can be done with 100% biodegradable coir rolls and matting or with ground manipulation to create dams.

Peat translocation

Ground translocation from donor sites is an increasingly popular way of accelerating restoration. This technical work needs very specialist LGP machinery that’s large enough to be efficient, but light on the ground enough not to damage the surrounding habitat. We have found an increasing requirement for other forms of ground translocation, not just heather and peat translocation contracting work.

Heather brash spreading

Donor sites can provide chopped heather to areas that require it. We then spread this brash across bare areas.


We are able to supply and plant a number of appropriate native species across peatlands to help restore peat bogs.

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