Tree Preservation Order & conservation area application

Managed by local planning authorities, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are intended to prevent wilful damage and felling of specified trees.

Local authorities are responsible for having a suitable administrative system so that individuals, companies, agencies and the authority themselves can apply for a tree or a conservation area (which would include all the trees within) to be protected by a TPO.

The penalties for violating a TPO can be very costly. A local authority is also responsible for maintaining the TPO register and for enforcing TPOs, and can call on court action should any order be violated.

If you’re looking to undertake work on one or multiple trees that are covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), or are within a conservation area, our highly experienced consultants can help you obtain the permissions required.

And of course, any tree surgery work will be carried out by our Arboricultural Association-approved arborists, to ensure the tree(s) remains within the boundaries of the application.

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