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Hedgerow management

A good hedge is essential for pastoral farming, providing shelter for livestock and a haven for wildlife, protecting soil structure – and acting as an effective low-maintenance barrier.

However, if left unmanaged, a hedgerow will continue to grow upwards and outwards – and will eventually become a line of trees. Which is where our expertise and experience can help.

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Hedge planting

We plant a wide variety of hedges and boundaries for landowners, local authorities and charitable organisations such as The Woodland Trust. Since we formed in 2007, we’ve planted more than half a million trees and hedge plants – and are committed to planting a variety of native shrubs (like holly, dogwood, hazel, field maple and spindle) in our hedgerows.

Hedge cutting and trimming

We carry out large scale hedge cutting for landowners and local authorities, and complete all types of hedge cutting, from highway verges to woodland rides.

Hedge laying

As members of the National Hedge Laying Society, we’re highly experienced in laying hedges to prevent livestock damage and extend their life. Our skilled team use traditional techniques which have been developed over years to fit individual climates, types of livestock and local trees and shrubs. Hedge laying prevents livestock from damaging the base of hedgerows by eating or leaning against it. In a laid hedge, the cut stems are bent over at an angle, preventing sheep from pushing through. The stakes are driven into the hedge, and the binding along the top makes the hedge strong enough to resist cattle. Laying the hedge also keeps it neat, and encourages shrub regeneration. Once a hedge has been laid properly, it should last up to 50 years with regular trimming.

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