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Grassland management

Our knowledge of how to maximise biodiversity of pasture is second to none.

These areas are a product of our interaction with nature – and as such it’s important for them be managed, to stop the encroachment of scrub or woodland.

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Grassland management is usually achieved by either conservation grazing or mowing by our agricultural contracting teams – both areas in which we can provide expert knowledge and equipment.

Pasture maintenance

Where grazing by our cattle is not a practical option in keeping pasture, grassland can be managed either by undertaking ‘cut and lift’ mowing or cutting with a tractor and flail. Cut and lift is good option when improving biodiversity is the goal, as nutrients are removed from the soil when the plant matter is collected. Nutrient-poor soils are favourable to wildflower meadows as it makes grass growth weaker, and so less likely to outcompete the flowers for resources. A tractor with a flail or rotary mower attachment should be considered where accessibility to the site is limited.

The timing of the cut is an important aspect which should always be taken into consideration. Traditionally, hay was cut from the middle of July onwards, allowing most flowering species to propagate by seed. Late-flowering species, such as greater knapweed and clustered bellflower, can benefit from a cut as late as September.

Wildflower creation

Sowing wildflower-rich grassland is important to repair and re-connect habitats that might have been lost due to agricultural production or construction work. Linking areas of existing habitat improves their viability, and allows wildlife to move through the landscape. It also enhances biodiversity, by increasing the availability of food plants and nesting habitats for insects and animals.

We can prescribe appropriate wildflower seed for your site, and prepare, sow and advise on appropriate aftercare to ensure your meadow flourishes.

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