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Conservation grazing service

Through our family-owned Maydencroft Manor Farm, we offer a conservation service to conservation bodies, land managers and local authorities who wish to improve or conserve the natural environment.

What makes our service unique is that we train our own herd of Longhorn cattle for conservation grazing on sites with public access. Plus, longhorns are noted for being particularly docile and relaxed around people and dogs so the same space can be enjoyed by all.

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We take a more formal approach to grazing land, by agreeing to a specification which meets the demands of Natural England. This means we can give our partners and clients a bespoke conservation grazing service. We’re able to meet environmental and biodiversity targets, and we pride ourselves in always being friendly and informative in our approach.

Regular site visits can be expected, with our rangers carrying out livestock checks. But that’s not all; we’re also able to educate friends groups and regular visitors how to do it too. We build relationships on the sites we graze, and often see an increase in visitor numbers as a result of the new residents.

Another added benefit to grazing this old native breed in public parks is their ability to turn rough and extensively managed pasture into the finest quality beef. And because they eat a much wider range of plants and grasses than modern commercial breeds, without losing condition – this adds to the flavour of the meat.

Longhorns have grazed across the country for hundreds of years. They’ve been bred over time to make best use of native grasses and wildflowers, without the need for intensive grassland management through fertilisers and pesticides.

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"Maydencroft understood exactly what we wanted to achieve from our very first meeting, and helped us come up with a suitable plan that Natural England could agree to very quickly and with very little fuss."

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