Woodland management

Our consultants are highly experienced in giving advice on managing woodlands.

We work closely with our clients to identify their woodland aspirations, and create a management plan which acts as the main steer throughout the process.

The management plan considers the overall health of the woodland, investigates the various issues, constraints and opportunities – and suggests a course of action to address them.

It can range from a simple document for the owner’s use, to an extremely detailed UK Woodland Assurance Standard accredited long term plan. The latter allows the owner to apply for environment stewardship grants and support – and can also be supported by grant aid, with a 10 year felling licence to help achieve the plan requirements.

If a long term plan doesn’t suit, we can also apply for stand-alone felling. In addition, we can obtain Natural England consents to work on sensitive sites. Please see Grants and licencing for more information.

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"Maydencroft understood exactly what we wanted to achieve from our very first meeting, and helped us come up with a suitable plan that Natural England could agree to very quickly and with very little fuss."

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