CAVAT tree valuation

We work closely with local authorities on the management of their land, and understand the importance of seeing trees as an asset and not just a liability.

Our arboricultural consultants can undertake detailed assessments using the CAVAT tool, and help to assign a valuation to your trees.

The Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees (CAVAT) system is a recognised methodology for assigning a monetary figure to the amenity value of trees in public spaces.

It’s commonly employed where trees have been illegally removed or damaged, and a claim for compensation is required. It can also be used as a strategic tool to show the overall asset value of trees in the public realm.

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"A seamless service; from initial survey, to clear and practical management plans. From senior management level to operative, I have found their staff to be professional, hard-working, courteous and well-disciplined."

J. Merrill, Affinity Water

"The tree teams have been very good at contacting us with issues and queries on site and as a team we appreciate the thought and care taken when undertaking work in the Borough."

O. Waring, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council