From creating new woodland, to restoring ancient forests; timber harvesting to management, grants and licensing – our forestry team is here to guide you through.


The issues that come with managing a woodland are often complex. So our forestry consultants offer expert advice and help navigating the often turbulent waters of grant aid and statutory regulation – while helping strike a balance between commercial return, long term sustainability and ecological biodiversity.

Managing more than 3000ha of woodland
As every woodland and owner is different, we always take time to understand the individual needs and ambitions of each. With our acquisition of Chiltern Forestry in 2016 adding a fleet of skilled consultants and foresters to the Maydencroft family, we now manage in excess of 3000ha of woodland on behalf of our clients.

Helping maximise timber potential
Our consultants are specialists in low intensity woodland management systems such as continuous cover forestry, shelterwood and individual tree selection systems. These allow the woodland owner to maximise the timber potential, without having dramatic effects on the landscape and the local ecosystem, which can come with traditional clearfell and replant forestry.

Unrivalled in sensitive environments
Our foresters have unrivalled capabilities in carrying out tree works in woodland within sensitive environments, always providing the necessary care and respect.

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