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England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) Grant Application

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As Tarmac restore Panshanger Park to its former beauty we were asked to assist in designing a new woodland on a restored field, and securing EWCO funding to aid with its creation.

Maydencroft Limited was commissioned by Tarmac to produce a UKFS-compliant Woodland Creation Design Plan and submit a EWCO grant application for a 10ha field in the north of Panshanger Park.

Our consultants compiled information on the site’s ecology, landscape, history, water, soils and geology to produce a design plan that was tailored to suit its environment. We also took into consideration future climatic conditions, as predicted by the ESC, to design a woodland that will stand the test of time.

With experience in liaising with multiple stakeholders we were able to produce a design that satisfied all parties specific objectives. Our forestry consultants offered expert advise which funding option would provide maximum income, which on this occasion was EWCO. Our skilled GIS technicians were then able to design a series of plans to support the application showing the sites wider context, restrictions and a final design plan.

Our consultants will continue to support the client, offering guidance with tree planting and infrastructure installation, as well as maintaining the woodland in the future.