Tree surgery

As an Arb Approved Contractor, our experienced teams of fully qualified arborists offer a full range of specialist tree surgery services. From small domestic jobs for private clients, to major schemes for utility companies, we can assist with any kind of project.

Our tree surgeons work closely with our own ecologists and consultants to ensure habitats and protected species are looked after – and will report any signs of pests or diseases. Recent work has included sensitive tree felling and surgery near bat roosts, badger setts and known populations of Roman snail and water vole.

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Our tree surgeons are supported by a fleet of specialised vehicles and equipment imported from all corners of the globe, including unimogs, tracked chippers, mobile elevated work platforms, stump grinders and excavators. This ensures projects are always as clean, safe and efficient as possible; whatever the conditions.

Crown Reduction

We can reduce the size of a tree’s crown or individual branches to improve the shape, keep it clear of objects and structures, or compensate for structural weaknesses. We can also evaluate and advise whether your tree’s crown would benefit from being reduced.

Crown Thinning

The removal of live branches reduces wind resistance and potential storm damage. We can also carry out thinning on trees where the crown is too dense, focusing on the outer portions of the canopy.


We can remove the upper branches of a tree to promote a dense head of foliage and branches, keep a fixed height, increase its yield, and let more light reach the woodland floor. Pollarded trees also tend to live longer, as they’re maintained in a partially juvenile state, and don’t have the usual weight of the top part of the tree.


Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which exploits the capacity of many species of trees to put out new shoots from their stump or roots if cut down. We can adopt this traditional method to bring a twist to a contemporary environment, resulting in a tree that would otherwise be removed, could possibly be retained.

Safety Works

For trees that have reached end of life or are diseased or dying, safety works could be considered as an alternative to removal. We can manage the decline of the tree over a number of years to ensure it is kept safe as it loses vitality. Safety works are often also required as a result tree safety inspection as a tree has grown to become dangerous.

Crown cleaning/dead-wooding

We remove defects within the crown of a tree such as rubbing or crossing branches. Dead and diseased wood is also cut back to a suitable branch junction and any stubs present from previous tree surgery operations will be removed at the same time.

Canopy Pruning

For trees that would benefit from rebalancing or growing too close to an object or structure, we can consider pruning to be the best solution.

Crown Lifting

An operation where we remove the lower branches of a tree to increase the clearance between the tree and the ground. This is a process that we carry out sympathetically to achieve the desired goal, whether for safe clearance of roads and paths in the public realm or to reduce shading to promote growth of other plants in a garden or park.

Tree bracing systems

We’re experienced in all kinds of tree bracing systems, supporting trees and helping to distribute their weight – thus extending their life, and giving safety peace of mind.

Formative pruning

We carry out formative pruning to ensure a young tree has good branch structure and the appearance considered typical of the species. Small branches are carefully removed to ensure a tree’s life will be maximised and reduces the chances of later problems as the tree matures.

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"A seamless service; from initial survey, to clear and practical management plans. From senior management level to operative, I have found their staff to be professional, hard-working, courteous and well-disciplined."

J. Merrill, Affinity Water

"The tree teams have been very good at contacting us with issues and queries on site and as a team we appreciate the thought and care taken when undertaking work in the Borough."

O. Waring, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council