Habitat creation

Our team has a broad range of expertise, with backgrounds in conservation ecology, woodland management, land management and agriculture, which helps to contribute to versatile long-term plans for habitat creation, development and preservation.

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We pride ourselves in producing clear and innovative visual aids which capture the imagination of anybody who is passionate about the natural world, accompanied by comprehensive action plans which provide the step-by-step guide required for implementing our vision.

In addition, with the Government’s new Environment Bill ensuring all new developments must demonstrate an improvement in wildlife habitats on or near the site, we’ve expanded our focus to include a Biodiversity Net Gain service. This helps clients achieve a minimum of 10% biodiversity net gain, in an attempt to recover from the dramatic losses of the last century.

This has also led to the formation of our unique Biodiversity Appraisal and Net Gain Strategy (BANGS) report.

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“A big thank you to Alison and the team for a perfect document from which to work.”

Private client

"I have recently employed the services of Maydencroft for both my business activities, quarrying locations and personal projects, and barn conversions. I have found them to be very thorough and professional."

Peter Crate, Managing Director at Franks