Management of ancient and veteran trees

Ancient and veteran trees are often the most important arboricultural and ecological feature to any landscape in which they are found. They’re able to provide a vast range of unique habitats for a variety of interconnected plant and animal species.

Despite the great age of these stunning trees, they’re vulnerable to sudden changes to their environment and require sensitive, gradual management to ensure their continued health and survival.

Surveying veteran trees requires a vastly different skillset to standard tree inspections, and can result in management recommendations extended across many years with several light-tough interventions and follow-up monitoring to assess the response.

All our consultants have completed the Valuing and Managing Veteran Trees course, run by the Ancient Tree Forum, and we have experience undertaking veteran tree surveys at sites such as Hainault Forest and Panshanger Park.

Plus, any work will be carried out by our highly skilled arborists, who have a great understanding of ancient and veteran trees.

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"A seamless service; from initial survey, to clear and practical management plans. From senior management level to operative, I have found their staff to be professional, hard-working, courteous and well-disciplined."

J. Merrill, Affinity Water

"The tree teams have been very good at contacting us with issues and queries on site and as a team we appreciate the thought and care taken when undertaking work in the Borough."

O. Waring, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council