Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Sustainable drainage systems are a natural approach to managing both the flow and volume of surface water.

And our highly skilled consultancy and contracting teams design and install SuDS systems for developers, local authorities and the utility sector to deliver highly effective systems.

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There are three key motives to design and install a SUDS system when managing drainage.

1. To reduce the risk of flooding by slowing down surface run-off. It makes use of the landscape and natural vegetation, which has the added benefit of recharging groundwater at times of drought.

2. To reduce the impact of water pollution by slowing and holding back surface water run-off from a site, allowing natural processes to break down pollutants.

3. To create valuable habitats for nature and green spaces for people in urban areas.

And there are three different types of SuDS:

Source control

Managing where the water is coming from before surface run-off can occur.

Site control

Such as on a housing development, business park or major roads where run-off can be managed within the site or as it leaves the site.

Regional control

Where larger amounts of water can be gathered in dedicated run-off areas (much like site control but on a larger scale).

The most common types of SuDS we can work with you on could be in the form of:

  • Ponds
  • Swales, shallow and wide drainage channels
  • Permeable paving and hard surfaces
  • Green roofs
  • Filter ditches
  • Wetland areas
  • Reedbeds
  • Filtration or attenuation tanks.

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