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We have experience in obtaining a range of grants, funding and licences, and are able to advise you on what you need for your specific project.

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If you want to deliver a project and would like to find out if grant funding is available, we can support you throughout the grant process, and ensure that you’re applying for a grant that suits your requirements.

We can support you in a countryside stewardship scheme, which provides financial incentives for farmers, woodland owners, foresters and land managers to look after and improve the environment.

We have also administered grant schemes on behalf of clients, such as the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership where we identified both potential eligible projects and the landowners that could be approached. We facilitate the application process, making sure all applications are of a high standard before being presented to a panel for a decision.

Other grant aided projects include invasive species control funded by water companies such as the Anglian Water Invasive Species Fund, woodland creation projects funded by national infrastructure schemes such as HS2, and the Woodland Carbon Fund which supports woodland creation for carbon sequestration.

Environment Agency (EA) Permit

If you carry out an activity that could pollute the air, land or water, increase flood risk, or adversely affect land drainage, you’ll need to apply for an EA permit. We have experience in standard rules permits and bespoke permits for flood risk activities. Bespoke permits are needed when your proposed works doesn’t fit within one of the standard rules specified.

AqHerb01 Application

We offer a complete invasive non-native species (INNS) management service. As a way of controlling INNS, herbicide is often used in the attempt to eradicate them from an area. We have experience in completing and submitting agreements to use herbicides in or near water (AqHerb01) on behalf of our clients.

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