Root decompaction & protection

Our arboricultural consultants are experts in finding ways to protect roots in construction and excavation sites – and in decompacting the ground surrounding them, to prolong the life of the tree.

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Root decompaction
The ground around trees can easily become compacted by vehicles, machinery or heavy foot traffic, particularly in winter months and when the ground is wet. This is particularly common in construction sites and in public parks and road verges.

Our arboricultural consultants can recommend on the various forms of Root Protection Areas (RPAs) and Construction Exclusion Zones (CEVs). Our contracting teams are also able to supply and install them if required.

When trees have their roots compacted, the result is often demonstrated by lack of vigour, poor colouration in the leaves and deadwood in the canopy. If these early indicators are not recognised and reacted to, the tree is likely to die.

Fortunately, there are many ways we can use our arboricultural expertise to carry out a range of decompaction methods to remedy this.

Root protection
Trees are particularly at risk from death when their roots are cut or damaged by a result of excavation works. Most commonly, this could be by digging trenches or installing building foundations. If root protection has been detailed as a condition of planning, or you’re unsure if tree roots might be damaged when excavations are required, we can carry out non-invasive excavation works within a rootzone, to ensure protection of the roots.

Our arboricultural consultants are also able to recommend on the various types of root protection barrier in order to protect nearby structures –
and our contracting teams can supply and install them if needed.

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