EDNA testing

Environmental DNA (eDNA) testing is an innovative new method which has been designed to provide a fast, reliable conclusion to the presence or absence of a particular species, primarily within aquatic habitats.

The most established commercial use for eDNA is to determine the presence or absence of protected great crested newts in water bodies on or near a development site.

eDNA testing is a fast and easy process, requiring just a single water sample to be taken by an ecologist during the breeding season (15th April – 30th June). DNA can persist in the environment for a number of weeks; the method also has the advantage of prolonging the viable survey period by two weeks until the end of June.

By using eDNA, valuable time and expenses associated with traditional great crested newt survey methods are spared where the species is absent.

Take a look at our ecological survey calendar for details of the seasonal restrictions associated with ecological surveys.

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