Biodiversity net gain assessment

Biodiversity net gain is an approach that aims to improve biodiversity after development, and relies on the application of the mitigation hierarchy to avoid, mitigate or compensate for biodiversity losses.

The Government’s new Environment Bill will ensure that all new developments must demonstrate an improvement in wildlife habitats on or near the site. The legislation will mean that planning permission will only be given if there is a 10% increase in biodiversity.

So, if you’re a local planning authority, housing developer, utility provider – or other organisation that manages building developments or land – it’s a good idea to seek expert advice.

Our experience and expertise means we can help and guide you through every stage of a Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment – from the initial field survey to collect pre-development habitat data, to pre- and post-development analysis. This has led to the formation of our unique Biodiversity Appraisal and Net Gain Strategy (BANGS) report.

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