For The London Borough of Hounslow

Invasive species survey and control for the world-famous boat race

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We helped our client clear invasive Japanese knotweed from the bank of the Thames, to enable unobstructed viewing of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.

An expert strategy
There’s a spot on the River Thames near Chiswick Bridge that’s a perfect spectating area for the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. So our client asked for our advice on managing a large patch of Japanese knotweed that was growing along the bank and obscuring the view.

Our PCA-certified Japanese knotweed consultant and contracts manager met with the client to discuss the legal considerations, and the appropriate treatment options. This led to the production of a Japanese knotweed management plan, supported by an AqHerb licence to the Environment Agency for use of herbicide next to water.

Plus ongoing treatment
As the timing of the initial brief in late 2018 meant the window for treatment had been missed, we were able to recommend a programme of cane clearance before the 2019 race – plus an implementation plan for herbicide treatment for a minimum of three years.