For Thames Water

Tree risk management across southern England

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Delivering a Tree Safety Inspection programme to protect the public and Thames Water’s vital infrastructure across their several thousand sites.

A comprehensive and powerful inventory

With Thames Water’s entire stock of millions of trees in our care, we have worked with software developers to create a customised cloud-based database which we are continually populating with information on not only the condition of the trees, but also what is at risk in their vicinity. Our surveyors can update the client almost instantly with a wide range of detailed reports including maps and photographs as they find issues of concern.

Complete management of tree safety

Works recommended as part of our inspections are prioritised and scheduled on a daily basis for our dedicated teams of experienced arborists to carry out. With an agile software tool and both tree surveyors and arborists in-house, we are able to deliver dynamic and highly effective proactive and reactive management of tree risk.