Chris Oakley

Farm Manager

Chris was born and bred into farming. He started his career in 2003 managing young stock on a dairy herd.

After studying agriculture at Shuttleworth College, Bedfordshire, Chris went on to join the family farm in North Hertfordshire where he ran a contracting team, fencing and hay making.

In 2011 Chris secured a tenancy on his own farm where he built up a herd of suckler cows, breeding sheep and fattening pigs. Working with livestock for so long, Chris has built up a vast knowledge on animal health, welfare and nutrition.

Whilst on his own farm Chris and his wife also ran a successful farm shop and butchery, raising animals right through from farm to fork. Chris learned a lot about meat production and did much of his own butchery, specialising in lamb and pork.

Chris joined Maydencroft at the beginning of 2018 and brings a great deal of expertise to the team.

When Chris isn’t farming (which isn’t often!), he enjoys many sports including shooting, fishing and spending time with his two young boys.