Grants & licencing

Felling Licences

Management of woodland almost always involves the felling of trees. It is normally an offence to feel more than five cubic metres of growing trees per calendar quarter without a felling license. There are two routes of getting felling approval for woodlands:

1. As part of a long term woodland management plan; a felling license is automatically provided when your long-term woodland management plan is approved and lasts for ten years.

2. As a stand-along felling license; these are valid for five years.

Both licenses require some information about the growing stock; number of trees to be removed, approximate volume and restocking proposals in the event of a group or clear fell.


We have been successfully obtaining grant support for our owners in delivering sound woodland management for the benefit of the owner and the tax payer alike.We don’t just chase grants irrespective of the effect it will have on the woodland. Instead we identify what support the owner will need to deliver his long term management goals and investigate the appropriate grant for that specific woodland.

We have been very successful with environmental stewardship schemes either as a woodland only scheme or as part of a mixed agri-woodland project. Other grant aided projects include ancient woodland surveys supported the Woodland Trust, invasive species control funded by water companies and new woodland creation projects funded by national infrastructure schemes like HS2.

We can even apply for a grant towards the cost of your long term woodland management plan.