East Hertfordshire: Woodland Grant Scheme Application

The site: Munden Parva, Dane End, Hertfordshire.

The brief: Munden Parva is a Georgian Grade II listed former Rectory with approximately 82ha of arable, pasture and woodland, with great potential for wildlife through enhanced management. Maydencroft arboriculturalists were asked to secure an English Woodland Grant Scheme to assist the owners with the cost of bringing the 27ha of semi-ancient natural woodland back into good management.

The result: A grant scheme was awarded by the Forestry Commission to return the woods to a coppice rotation, to restock unproductive areas and thin the dominant oak stands. A management plan was included as part of the scheme to guide our client through the 10 year agreement.

In addition, a Higher Level Stewardship scheme was secured for the farmland at Munden Parva. This saw a large area of arable returned to grassland with parkland tree planting, options for farmland birds and insects, as well as a capital works scheme to install fencing, water troughs and plant hedgerows.

"Maydencroft understood exactly what we wanted to achieve from our very first meeting, and helped us come up with a suitable plan that the Forestry Commission and Natural England could agree to very quickly and with very little fuss." T. Raw, Land Owner.

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