Stuart Grove


Originally from Sidmouth, Devon, Stuart left school in 1981 and began work at Brocket Hall as an under gardener. Following a day assisting a forester, he knew what he wanted to be doing and went on to secure a position with a small local company as an apprentice tree surgeon and was then employed by the local authority as an arborist where he went on to complete his training.

In 1992 he became a freelance tree climber providing arboriculture support for various companies in and around Hertfordshire, London and the Home Counties.

Working closely with Tony Jackson, David Lee and Tom Drage fulfilling all aspects of forestry, he has also worked to create and maintain a variety of wildlife habitats in restored quarry workings, large private estates and amenity areas.

Stuart says his greatest joy has come from working with his son and watching him go on to build his own career in arboriculture and forestry.