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Evaluation of access provisions for an operational reservoir

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To mitigate potential pollution or contamination, we investigated the access options to our client’s reservoir, and explored the potential for making changes.

An important resource
Queensmead Lake is an operational reservoir close to the River Thames in Staines, and is a strategically important resource in Affinity Water’s network. As such, it’s sensitive to any pollution or contamination event – so our client asked us to evaluate the current access provisions and look at ways it could change.

Thorough assessment, and an impartial report
Although closed off to the public, the site does have a controlled level of recreational access by the Affinity Water Angling Club. To get a full understanding of the situation, we carried out an on-site assessment, baseline data search, review of literature and policy, case study research, and a consultation with Affinity Water staff. Four access scenarios were analysed against the elements of the site most sensitive to change, and we used the results to form impartial conclusions.

We delivered a comprehensive and balanced report to our client, to inform any future access decisions for Queensmead Lake and other sensitive operational sites.