For a private client

Helping make sensitive management of a farm more viable

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We were asked by our landowner client to help them manage a small pasture farm. We delivered a comprehensive report, and secured them an Environmental Stewardship Agreement.

A varied proposition
The land in question was a small, picturesque pasture farm near Underriver, Kent. It contains species-rich lowland grassland, hedgerows that support dormice, plus a network of ponds and wet grassland.

The landowner wanted our help to make sensitive management of the farm viable. After successfully applying for an Environmental Stewardship Agreement, we created a work schedule and implementation plan, to ease the roll-out of the changes.

A comprehensive report

These documents consisted of information on hedgerow restoration, planting and fencing, and provided guidance on suitable timings and methods of implementation. We also addressed the annual management works which would be required, with relevant Natural England guidance.

“A big thank you to Matt and the team for a perfect document from which to work. Thank you both.”