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Oak Processionary Moth removal

Including Brown Tail Moth (BTM) and Pine Processionary Moth (PPM)

OPM is becoming increasingly widespread in the UK and there is potential for people working in, or responsible for others in the outdoor environment to come into contact with OPM, BTM and PPM. This one-day course has been designed to give operatives and managers the skills and knowledge to safely carry out OPM, BTM and PPM removal, how to manage it in the long-term, build OPM, BTM and PPM awareness and what to do in the event of them being discovered or reported.

Next course: 2nd September 2022

Price: £120 + VAT per person

Duration: 6 hours

Type: Face to face

Location: Dorney, Windsor

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Who should attend?

This course is aimed at arborists, managers and operatives who want to learn how to safely remove and dispose of OPM, BTM and PPM.

Aims of the course
  • Delegates will learn how to identify OPM, BTM and PPM;
  • What the health and ecological implications are;
  • Understand the PPE requirements.
  • Understand how to carry out the safe removal of OPM, BTM and PPM.
  • Know how to dispose of OPM, BTM and PPM waste in a safe manner.
  • Understand different methods of how to manage it in order to keep themselves and others free from harm.
What will you learn?

By the end of the course delegates will:

  • Be familiar with what OPM, BTM and PPM is and the associated risks;
  • Understand the history and biology of OPM, BTM and PPM;
  • Be able to identify the caterpillars, nests and adult moths in the field;
  • Know what to do if OPM, BTM or PPM are reported or discovered;
  • Learn health and safety precautions related to OPM, BTM and PPM;
  • Understand the importance of biosecurity measures and how to implement them;
  • Know how to safely carry out the removal of OPM, BTM and PPM nests and caterpillars;
  • Understand the correct methods of disposal of OPM, BTM and PPM waste;
  • Understand the implication of OPM, BTM and PPM on climbing equipment under Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations;
  • Understand the different control measures and their impact on the wider environment;
  • Be able to implement a risk-based approach;
  • Know how to manage OPM, BTM and PPM in the long term.
How will you benefit?
  • Potential cost saving opportunities by being able to identify nests early;
  • Reduce risk and improve health and environmental performance within your organisation;
  • Engage and motivate your team by enhancing their environmental knowledge.
  • Provide a professional and approved service to your clients.
What will you receive?

All delegates will be issued with a workbook, and certificate of attendance upon completion of this Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) Removal Course.

The instructor

The course is run by Patrick Venables, a qualified instructor who has been controlling OPM and has written and been delivering OPM training to industry specialists since 2011.

The facilities

Courses are held at our offices outside Windsor and Hitchin.

Both locations are in rural locations but within 5 miles of train stations and have plenty of parking.

Tea and coffee will be available during the day. There will be a break for you to eat your own lunch.

If you have more than 6 people to train, we can come to your own venue.

Course Outline Oak Processionary Moth OPM Removal

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