Louis Dew

Contracts Manager

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Louis started out in the environmental sector as a young and ambitious labourer. Early in 2012, he joined the Maydencroft team to continue growing his knowledge and experience. Louis then stepped away from the sector altogether to develop his skills in other areas. He was able to grow experience in management, sales, process improvement and customer service whilst working in the commercial vehicle industry.

Louis then made a return to the industry and company that is really close to his heart, to combine those skills with the ones he had learnt earlier in his career for this role.

Ever since leaving Maydencroft in 2013, I have been very proud of the work I completed and have often taken my son to see the landscapes I created. Seeing the Maydencroft vehicles around always gave me a strong sense of pride and I knew it was where I truly belong so I re-joined the company in my new position in 2020.