Maydencroft adds 13 Isuzu Grafters trucks in 12 months, Horticulture Week, April 2021

Horticulture Week

Thursday 22nd April

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Maydencroft took delivery of nine Isuzu Grafter trucks during 2020 with a further four trucks joining the fleet this spring. The company now runs 21 Isuzus in total covering both 7.5 tonne and 3.5 tonne variants.

Maydencroft managing director Tom Williams said: “The initial eight Isuzus did really well for us as they proved to have a great turning circle and excellent payload. We have been particularly impressed with the overall performance from the new Grafter range at 3.5 tonne. These trucks are unbelievably good, we do use them to tow 2.7 tonne diggers, and we can still get a one tonne payload on the back of the Grafters, even when towing. No other truck can fulfil this criteria, which is why we have now made such a significant investment in Grafters over the last 12 months.

The latest order was split into two batches and included two arb tipper vehicles and 11 of the Grafter Utilitruck model. “Not only are these Isuzus the ideal truck for Maydencroft from a business and operational point of view, but the drivers themselves are also very complimentary about their performance and ride quality, which is very important to us,” added Williams. “We normally work in a mix of two and three gang teams which suits the Grafter, however due to social distancing guidelines, we are currently only working in teams of two at the moment.”

Maydencroft currently has an 80-strong commercial vehicle fleet and the switch over to Isuzu is part of the company’s planned fleet replacement programme. The trucks will be covering approximately 20,000 km per annum working for a minimum of four years within the Maydencroft fleet.

Isuzu Truck UK national fleet sales manager Lee Tansley said: “The success of Isuzu in the Maydencroft fleet, and in particular the Grafter, is part and parcel of our substantial long-term involvement in the arboriculture and landscape management industries. Without doubt, Maydencroft is benefiting from the industry leading payload afforded by the Grafter and we look forward to continuing the work we have done with them over the past few years to develop further their commercial vehicle fleet, based around the Isuzu marque.