Our acquisition of Chiltern Forestry means we have welcomed highly skilled consultants and foresters to the Maydencroft family, they are playing a vital role in managing 3000ha of woodland on behalf of our clients in the south east. Our forestry consultants are experienced at dealing with the often complex issues that can arise when managing a woodland. They give expert advice and act as a guide through the often turbulent waters of grant aid and statutory regulation, and help strike the right balance between commercial return, long term sustainability and ecological biodiversity. Time is always taken to understand the individuality of the woodland and the owner’s specific ambitions for their woodland.

Our foresters have unrivalled capabilities in carrying out tree works in woodlands which are sensitive environments and must be treated with the appropriate care and respect. We are leading the way in using machinery tailor made for the forestry industry, including the UK’s first forestry spec Valtra N series tractor, the use of this equipment helps us to be highly efficient.

  • Timber harvesting
    Timber harvesting

    Thinning can have a number of beneficial effects. It prevents younger trees from dying in densely wooded areas due to overcrowding, it improves the quality and girth of remaining trees, it allows trees to grow more quickly as they have greater access to soil nutrients and light and it pushes trees to grow with a straighter grain as they...

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  • Timber sales
    Timber sales

    We are able to sell standing timber if required, following any tree surgery projects.

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  • Woodland management
    Woodland management

    Our consultants are Chartered professionals, providing the best advice for clients who require help with:
    firewood and timber production, woodlands for shooting and sporting purposes, conservation management, amenity woodland management, and woodland creation.
    We can also help secure funding to support work such as this.
    Any woodland and forestry works can be carried out by our Arb Association approved Contracting...

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  • New woodland creation
    New woodland creation

    We have planted over half a million trees and hedge plants since our formation in 2007.
    We undertake tree planting for a variety of clients, including street tree planting for public sector clients, large scale woodland planting and planting for private clients and commercial developers. We also supply and plant semi-mature trees for instant results. We plant every type of...

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  • Deer fencing
    Deer fencing

    With our specialist machinery and equipment, we can supply and install deer fencing to any specification required.
    It is most commonly installed around woodland boundaries or in areas of woodland recently thinned or clear felled to allow for efficient regeneration by protecting young trees from deer.
    The pictures show two types of fence that we typically install:
    1. The more...

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  • Rhododendron removal
    Rhododendron removal

    Rhododendron Ponticum has the ability to send out suckers from any buried root material and is very effective at producing seeds. A very invasive plant; it takes over and affects the growth of more native species in the oak woodlands and heathland of the UK. Populations of birds and other wildlife can also be greatly reduced in an area invaded...

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