Farming Team

  • Robert Bennett Williams
    Robert Bennett Williams

    Owner of Maydencroft Farm
    Robert was born and brought up in rural Suffolk. His father was an animal feed merchant and Robert spent most of his professional life in flour and animal feed milling. It is from that background that he...

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  • Frances Williams
    Frances Williams

    Owner of Maydencroft Farm
    Frances, like her husband, was brought up in the countryside on a farm in Essex. She also shares Robert's passion for animals and has supported Robert in all Longhorn activities, right down to droving, assisting with...

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  • Tom Williams BSc (Hons)
    Tom Williams BSc (Hons)

    Managing Director and founder of Maydencroft Limited
    n 2007, Tom founded Maydencroft Limited from his parents’ farm at Maydencroft Manor near Hitchin in Hertfordshire.
    Keeping his finger on the pulse of the industry at all times, Tom is the...

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  • Chris Oakley
    Chris Oakley

    Farm Manager
    Chris was born and bred into farming. He started his career in 2003 managing young stock on a dairy herd.
    After studying agriculture at Shuttleworth College, Bedfordshire, Chris went on to join the family farm in North Hertfordshire...

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  • Aimee Bailey

    Farming Assistant
    Aimee helps Chris day-to-day. She does many of the daily checks of Maydencroft Manor Farm's livestock. In the summer months this means travelling all over Hertfordshire, making sure all the cattle are happy on the conservation grazing sites.

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