Our acquisition of Chiltern Forestry means we have welcomed highly skilled consultants and foresters to the Maydencroft family, they are playing a vital role in managing in excess of 3000ha of woodland on behalf of our clients in the south east. Our forestry consultants are experienced at dealing with the often complex issues that can arise when managing a woodland. They give expert advice and act as a guide through the often turbulent waters of grant aid and statutory regulation, and help strike the right balance between commercial return, long term sustainability and ecological biodiversity. Time is always taken to understand the individuality of the woodland and the owner’s specific ambitions for their woodland.

Our consultants are specialists in low intensity woodland management systems such as Continuous Cover Forestry, shelterwood and individual tree selection systems. These allow the woodland owner to maximise the timber potential of the woodland without having dramatic effects on the landscape and the local ecosystem associate with tradition clear fell and replant forestry. Our foresters have unrivalled capabilities in carrying out tree works in woodland within sensitive environments, providing the necessary care and respect. We are leading the way in using machinery tailor made for the forestry industry, including the UK’s first forestry spec Valtra N series tractor, the use of this equipment helps us to be highly efficient.