Habitat Enhancement Plan: Thames Water

The client: Thames Water

The site: Walthanstow Wetlands Projects

The brief: Design and build of a habitat enhancement and SUDs project at Walthamstow Wetlands, a nature reserve located in north east London,

Our solution: Initial surveys of the site identified large patches of Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed growing within the densely vegetated banks of the River Lea. Maydencroft worked closely with Thames Water and London Wildlife Trust to devise a concept scheme to maximise the habitat potential of the area, provide a rich and varied landscape for visitors, and to help alleviate issues with flooding and INNS.

The result: A linear vegetated swale which gently meanders through the site planted with wildflower and grass seed mix suitable for damp conditions was proposed close to the footpath. A knee-rail fence will be installed alongside to discourage public access to these habitats and encourage visitors to stick to paths. A plan was put in place for the eradication of INNS and advised an AqHerb license from the Environment Agency be sought due to proximity to the river. The scheme also includes for the creation of three new ponds planted with native species. Works are due to commence in early 2019.

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