Ecological Enhancement Plan: Affinity Water

The client: Affinity Water

The site: Skeete Pumping Station is a small pumping station compound in Kent with an area of previously unmanaged secondary woodland and scrub.

The brief: Plan and deliver an ecological enhancement strategy to improve the biodiversity value of the habitats within the compound.

Our solution: Our Senior Landscape Consultant, Senior Ecologist and Environmental Consultant collaborated to produce a habitat management plan and a suite of method statements to be used during operations. A Maydencroft ecologist was present on site as an Ecological Clerk of Works to ensure the works were undertaken in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The result: The secondary woodland habitat on site was significantly improved through the rotational coppicing of young native trees, encouraging diverse ground flora and invertebrate communities. Young coppiced hazel stands were planted along with honeysuckle as part of a targeted management approach to encourage the dispersal of local populations of hazel dormouse. The area of scrub was cleared and a wildlife pond was created with a diverse buffer of emergent vegetation maintained by periodic management.

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