Restoration Plan: Thames Water

The client: Thames Water

The site: Bicester STW

The brief: Clear out the filtration tanks at Bicester STW and restore the site for wildlife.

Our solution: Our consultants created a restoration plan for the site to create a haven for various wildlife with an emphasis on invertebrates. The design included for the installation of pre-planted coir rolls to encourage the development of floral species including yellow flag iris, purple loosestrife and lesser pond sedge, and an allow land for the reed bed to establish naturally with a composition of 80% phragmites and 20% typha. Existing willow within the filtration tanks were coppiced with a percentage treated with glyphosate to prevent re-growth.

The result: The restoration plan was utilised by our contracting division to undertake the specified works. The filtration tanks are now much improved for wildlife and look more appealing.

Download PDF (155.24 KB)