Woodland Tree Safety

Woodland owners have a duty of care responsibility to survey their woodlands for dangerous trees. Where a tree causes concern or indecision the owner should refer to a professional tree inspector for confirmation. It is important that woodland owners keep to specified survey intervals and record every result to build up a picture of the woodland and show responsible ownership in the event of an accident.

Our tree safety management service is built on recommendations by the National Tree Safety Group Council.

Our team of Forestry and Arboricultural Consultants are able to undertake tree safety inspections for woodland trees which will involve the thorough assessment of trees for significant defects conducted using the Visual Tree Assessment methodology. The survey is carried out using a Trimble TDC-100 handled device with data recorded using Pocket GIS and Pear Technology.

All surveys are accompanied by a Tree Safety Inspection Table and Tree Safety Inspection Map to assist landowners in undertaking own surveys.