River Restoration: Affinity Water

The client: Affinity Water

The site: Riddy Lane, River Lea

The brief: To undertake ecological and tree surveys in support of a project to restore a degraded section of the River Lea through an allotment site in Luton.

Our solution: Our ecologists contributed to the design process through the production of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal to assess the potential ecological constraints to the river restoration activities. The appraisal identified the need for reptile presence/absence surveys which were duly undertaken and confirmed their absence from site. Our Lantra-qualified professional tree inspectors met with project stakeholders to undertake a Tree Survey to accurately map the location of trees and scrub to help inform the design of the works.

The result: Following the surveys, Maydencroft carried out the restoration works which involved the felling and removal of dense trees and shrubs, including non-natives, and the clearance of a 3-4m wide margin of waste materials and structures along both banks.

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