Protected Species Survey and Monitoring: Affinity Water

The client: Affinity Water

The site: HS2 Ecological Surveys

The brief: To undertake a wide range of ecological services across five operational sites within Buckinghamshire at which it was required to increase water treatment capacity to accommodate the indirect impacts of the HS2 railway on water supply.

Our solution: A preliminary ecological appraisal was undertaken at each site to assess the ecological attributes and associated constraints. Species-specific surveys were carried out in accordance with the findings of the appraisals, including bat, water vole, otter, great crested newt and botanical surveys. The results from these surveys were compiled into an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) to evaluate the relative importance to protected species and to provide a detailed mitigation strategy to ensure that operations resulted in no net loss of biodiversity.

The result: The mitigation strategies had a significant influence on the design of the project throughout the construction and operational phase to safeguard sensitive ecological attributes and incorporate the retention of valuable habitats and implementation of ecological enhancements.

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