Tree Safety Inspection: Buckingham County Council

The client: Buckinghamshire County Council

The site: Black Park and Langley Park

The brief: Undertake Tree Safety Inspections of all trees located in priority 2 areas and orienteering dwells within Black Park and Langley Park.

Our solution: Tree Safety Inspections were undertaken by one of our Arboricultural Consultants with their Lantra Professional Tree Inspection qualification. A ground-based inspection only was conducted using the Visual Tree Assessment methodology detailed in “The Body Language of Trees”. Each individual tree was inspected separately and an assessment of its condition made. The tree survey was carried out using our Trimble TDC-100 handheld device with data recorded using Pocket GIS and Pear Technology.

The result: A Tree Safety Inspection Report, Tree Safety Inspection Table and Tree Safety Inspection Map were complied. A hazard rating for each tree requiring remedial works was calculated based on the system used by Buckinghamshire County Council. Detailed recommendations for remedial works were outlined within the documents.

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