Biodiversity Enhancement Plans: Affinity Water

The client: Affinity Water

The site: Affinity Water sites near Manningtree include small pumping stations, booster sites or raised covered reservoirs associated with the water industry. These sites are predominantly grassland with boundary hedges and mature trees.

The brief: To compile a suite of biodiversity enhancement plans to contain key features of the site, management prescriptions and a targeted action plan to include capital items and routine maintenance.

Our solution: We completed a desk exercise analysing site data from various sources including online and from the relevant environmental records centres. We also completed field visits noting habitats and associated species of particular interest and any potential constraints to management. A comprehensive plan was then compiled which would direct the site management for a period of five years.

The result: The suite of improvements contained within the biodiversity enhancement plans have now been implemented including tree planting, hedge restoration and wildflower meadow creation.

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