Helena Goldsmith

Financial Controller

Helena began her accounting career at a small electronics company in Hitchin before the bright lights of London Town called her to a large advertising agency in Paddington. In this exciting environment, Helena was involved in large projects and it was here she learned all about producing Management Accounts.

After several years commuting, Helena moved nearer to home, taking various roles to further develop her skillset. With a move into the dot.com era, Helena joined Widget.com, a company specialising in palmtop computers and at the cutting edge of mobile phone technology. As part of this role, Helena spent time travelling to the sister companies in Europe preparing monthly accounts.

In 2001, Helena moved to her first Financial Controller role, at M & J Engineers in Hitchin, visiting all of the sites around the country, implementing new systems and procedures and training non-financial employees to enable them to understand basic financial reporting. Helena says this was a fantastic role (evidenced by the fact that she stayed for 15 years!).

Helena has since had several roles and likes the 'order' of Accountancy and giving people useful information so that they can make informed decisions. She truly believes that it is the people that make a Company.

When she is not at work, Helena’s passions are Sport, Travelling, Photography & Ballroom Dancing (and smiling! Helena smiles a lot!)