Tree health assessments

At Maydencroft we work closely with partner organisations to keep up to date with all the latest developments in pests and diseases threatening the health of our trees. Our consultants and arborists are trained to recognise symptoms on trees and how best to respond to issues identified.

With so many arb teams and consultants working in different areas of the country, we recognise that we are well placed to monitor areas for the arrival of new pests and diseases, and to feed back to the Forestry Commission through the Tree Alert on-line reporting tool. Where we are unable to make a positive ID we send samples to the Forest Research Advisory Service for confirmation.

We work closely with our clients to deal with existing problems affecting their trees, and to help them put management systems in place to try and deal with future issues, such as the spread of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) and the threat of Dothistroma to conifer plantations. We have recently produced a detailed report looking at the likely impact of Ash Dieback Disease to the many operational sites owned by a large utility company.