Springwell Lake: Tree safety works

The client: Affinity Water.

The brief: To make safe a line of over-mature poplar trees growing on a narrow bank between Springwell Lake and the River Colne. The lake also receives high use by the public, adding to the complex nature of the job.

Our solution: After much consideration, it was decided the safest and most efficient method to dismantle the poplars was to use a crane that could lift the cut limbs over the river and bring them to rest on the opposite bank, where they could be processed in the adjacent field.

The result: With high volumes of public access, it was imperative these high risk trees were made safe. By closing the footpath and using the crane, we were able to extract the timber with minimal disturbance to the lake or water course, and without damaging the boardwalk below. As a result, the dangerous trees have now been made safe and the pathway re-opened to the public and local fishing club.

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