Kent: Work schedule and implementation plan

The site: Small picturesque pasture farm near Underriver, Kent.

The brief: The small farm, containing species-rich lowland grassland, hedgerows that support Dormice, and a network of ponds and wet grassland, required help to make sensitive management of the farm viable for the landowner.

Our solution: Maydencroft consultants successfully applied for a Higher Level Stewardship agreement for the farm. To ease implementation of the changes in management and the agreed capital items, a Work Schedule and Implementation Plan was written.

Maps and a schedule table illustrated the location of capital items such as hedgerow restoration, planting and fencing, and provided guidance on suitable timings and methods of implementation. Further maps and schedule tables explained the annual management works required as part of the agreement with relevant Natural England guidance.

The result: “A big thank you to Verity and Matt for a perfect document from which to work. Thank you both.” Mr Thornton, land owner.

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