North Hertfordshire: Environmental Stewardship application

The client: Clouds Hill Farm, Hertfordshire.

The brief: Our client approached us to produce a Higher Level Stewardship application and English Woodland Grant Scheme application for the estate. The scheme focused on enhancing biodiversity with a return to grazing in order to restore the chalk grassland and parkland habitats, and the ancient field boundary hedgerows. A field corner for small mammals and a pollen nectar rich mix for invertebrates and pollinators were also included.

Our solution: An implementation plan was created to guide our client through the capital and management works. This included an annual schedule, guidance and maps to ensure implementation of the HLS prescriptions were to specification and on time for claiming funds.

The result: The agreement secured £80,000 for the estate over the 10 year period. The English Woodland Grant Scheme focused on bringing the woods back into positive management. This involved a grant to improve ride management, plant up boundaries, remove non-native species and coppice woodland edges to improve light levels.

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