St. Ibbs Park: Lake restoration

The site: St Ibbs Park, Hertfordshire.

The brief: Over the years the lake has been affected by a gradual build-up of silt, which, coupled with a lower water table, has meant that the lake had disappeared. Our brief was to re-excavate the lake to establish open water once again.

Our solution: First of all, clumps of reeds and bulrushes were removed and set to one side. Then the layer of silt was lifted off with a 14 tonne excavator and a pair of 10 tonne dumper trucks. This process took the lake to its original depth but due to the current lower water table there was still very little water. Therefore the next phase of digging was to remove the second layer of substrate to an average depth of approximately five metres. In all, over 12,000 cubic metres of silt was removed.

The result: The beautiful lake has been restored and improved. It is now at a depth which means it will be many centuries before it builds up with silt again.

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