Welham Green: DDA compliant footpath ramp

The site: A public footpath in Welham Green.

The brief: To make safe an uneven footpath allowing easier access for all users.

Our solution: To construct a ramp along the slope which had approximately a 2.5m difference in height so that it would skirt along the edge of the slope and be approximately 30m long with the crest removed from the top path. This gave a 1:15 incline to be compliant with The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). The path was built up with crushed concrete to make up the foundations and top dressed with concrete dust. The banks of the path were then finished with top soil and finally seeded.

The result: With a gradual slope and a useful handrail, the path is now safe and fully usable to the general public.

Download PDF (399.17 KB)

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