Black Park Country Park: reedbed creation

The client: Buckinghamshire County Council.

The brief: The park has 530 acres of attractive woodland, grassland and heathland with a centre-piece lake. Maydencroft Limited was commissioned to design a 400m2 reedbed at the most north easterly part of the lake. This is to create a transition between the Alder Carr and the open water.

Our solution: Debris was removed from the site by means of two men in a boat, with a Unimog and 7 tonne winch from the bank. The material was dragged through the silt and brought out of the water for disposal. This not only tidied the site but also levelled the silt and prepared it for planting. Hazel faggots were then laid around the boundary of the reed bed and pre-vegetated coir rolls were then laid and staked and protected with wire cages.

Approximately 10-15 fenced planting areas were created within the reed bed. This was designed to stop birds being able to fly in and eat the young reeds. The planting areas were then planted with Phragmites australis plugs.

The result: Reedbeds are amongst the most important habitats for birds in the UK, however there are only about 5000 ha of reedbeds remaining. Through projects like this we are helping to create a very important habitat.

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