Ecological clerk of works

Maydencroft Limited provide a range of Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services to oversee the implementation of development projects, ensuring compliance with wildlife laws and planning conditions whilst minimising the impacts on biodiversity.

Our experienced ecologists are able to provide specialist advice and guidance to contractors, covering all protected species across different aspects of development projects, including tree/vegetation clearance and construction works. The level of involvement required from an ecologist acting as an ecological clerk of works will depend on the nature of the development, the site, and its ecological receptors. A pragmatic approach is taken to all of our ECoW work, and we prioritise the efficient delivery of projects within the constraints of timescale and legal obligations. In order to achieve this, we can offer the following services;

Production of an ecological method statement – These advise on the most appropriate methods for carrying out specific operations in order to minimise biodiversity loss.

Provision of an ecological watching brief – Involves the presence of an ecologist on site during works to ensure compliance with wildlife law.

Species translocations – Species translocations may be necessary in a number of scenarios, for instance where population densities of protected species under threat from a development are high enough to be of local or regional importance.