Woodland management plans

Our consultants are experienced professionals, providing the best advice for clients who require help with managing their woodlands. A management plan acts as the main steering document for the woodland and allows the woodland owner to identify their aspirations for the woodland. The plan will consider the overall health of the woodland, investigate the various issues, constraints and opportunities and suggest a course of action to address them.

Plans will vary dependent on the owners wants and needs. It can be a simple document for the use of the owner or extremely detailed UK woodland Assurance accredited long term plan. The latter allows the owner to apply for environment stewardship grants and support. A long term plan can also be supported by grant aid and creates a 10 year felling licence to help achieve the plan requirements.

In addition, we can apply for stand-alone felling licenses for owners who do not wish to produce a long term plan. We can also obtain Natural England consents to work on sensitive sites. Please see Grants and licencing for more information.